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When it comes to anything you want to sell, rule number one is to make sure you present your product in the best possible light. When it comes to real estate, we call this process staging.

Staging means preparing your property to hit the market, by showcasing its best assets in order to attract buyers so that you can sell immediately at the highest price possible.

Staging can include many things, from landscaping to repainting, decluttering and rearranging furniture. The focus is on making the property as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Here are some home staging tips to help you get started.


Nothing turns a potential buyer off like a dirty house! Make sure that the property is as spotless as possible for each viewing, and most especially for photo or video shoots.


Clutter is a distraction from the true beauty of your home. It can also make the space feel smaller. Think about moving things into storage that are not needed on a daily basis.


Family photos and keepsakes may be important to you, but they do not help a potential buyer envision themselves in your home. Remove all things highly personal from view, so that the home gives off the impression of a clean slate.


There are things you can do to bring your property to life, like adding well-spaced out and healthy plants. Another great idea is some neutral air freshener or invest in an air purifier if there are any unpleasant odors.


Life can wreak havoc on your walls and floors. If the paint is peeling, repaint. The same applies to wallpaper. Look at your flooring, is there something you can do to make it more appealing?


There’s nothing like natural sunlight when it comes to bringing warmth into your space. Open curtains for photos and viewings. Also take this opportunity to fix any lights that need replacing.


It might be helpful to have a few fresh flowers in a vase or add a spritz of air freshener in the air before your guests arrival. Put out fresh towels in the bathroom, wipe down counters, and take a final look around your home. Prep your home like you would for entertaining friends.

Staging is an important part of preparing your home to go on the market, and it should not be overlooked. A staged home looks better in photos for listings on portals, which is the first impression a buyer often sees. The end-goal is to make the property feel move-in ready, so that buyers do not feel like they will have to work or repair before occupying the space.

Have you set the stage to sell your property?

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