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One of the struggles of finding the perfect property is struggling with pre-existing floor plans! What you end up with is a semi-functional home for your requirements.

What if you could start from a blank canvas? You could have functional floor plan that fits your lifestyle, in a home built with quality construction, exactly where you want it. You could choose the materials, maximise the usable space, and have it perfectly personalised.

The decision to build a custom home is a daunting one for those who do not understand the process and costs involved. It is a mistake to assume that a custom home is more expensive than a ready one, because that is not always the case. You control the budget, and who you work with. It could cost less than ready homes by developers in the area.

Where can I build?

As more freehold areas in Dubai open, options for building your home grow too. Choose based on your budget, location and community requirements. Many ready communities offer plots, and some have shell & core options, which can speed up the process significantly.

What is the cost of construction?

The cost of construction is a range determined by the quality of build. It can be as low as AED350/sqft up to AED 2,500/sqft for top quality. The budget is only limited by you.

Keep in mind that you will have to budget for other costs, including: design & approvals, preliminaries, shell & core works, finishing works, MEP works and site development works, etc. Other optional costs include: Home Automation Systems, pool, landscaping or external stone cladding, based on what you want to do.

What is the process to build?

Once you have the land in place, choose to work with a professional that shares your vision for the home. The process can then be summarised as the following:


Where you explain what you want and sign the contract.


Designs are developed, revised & finalised up to obtaining approvals.


Construction begins and ends with a completion certificate.

What is the time frame to build?

The time frame to build can vary but is approximately between 18 to 24 months. Working with professionals can remove factors that will delay design, approval, construction and completion.

Self-express yourself in the details.

Everything, from the doorknobs to the light fixtures, hand-selected by you. You can take matters into your own hands, or work with an interior designer to discuss the flow, layout and aesthetic finishes of the home.


A lot goes into a custom home, from buying the land, designing, approvals, construction, landscaping, waiting and final touches. Professionals will ensure that the dream does not turn into a nightmare.

This option might not be the best for everyone, but if you are confident in your decision, and it works for you, then we suggest you sit with a consultant with any questions ready.

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