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If ever you had your pick of projects, Dubai has no rival when it comes to a steady stream of releases. With each new addition being better and bolder than the last. Capitalizing on trends to bring more of what the market needs and wants, which is why most of these projects sold out within 72 hours in 2021.

Should you be investing in off-plan?

Land Availability

There is no more land in lands. Which is why you won’t find the same opportunities in other big cities, like London or New York. Dubai is still ‘new’, and there is land to be developed and opportunities to be had. You can still buy in a new project at a great price and watch it appreciate in the future.

There will come a day though when there will be no new land to develop. Look at Old Dubai, and even some parts of New Dubai. When we first started working in Business Bay, selling Executive Towers, the infrastructure wasn’t there like it is today. Once everything reached completion, the prices appreciated. The people who bought in the beginning stand to gain more profit than someone who is entering that market today.

That is why off-plan is an opportunity that investors really need to take under consideration, because there is no way that the price will not appreciate. Within 10, 15, 20+ years from now, there will be no more lands and no new projects. Whenever you want a property, your choice will come down to available, mature projects.

Dubai’s Evolution

Dubai is evolving, and it is evolving fast.

It has been discussed to death, but it cannot be stressed enough: Dubai is a secure haven for life, trade and investment. Dubai has evolved so much in its short life span. Rules and regulations continue to be updated. You no longer need a sponsor to open a business. You can work with multiple companies on a Freelancer visa. You can even share a home with your partner. Which leads us to our next point:

Any Nationality Welcome

With every passing update, Dubai becomes more suitable to every single mindset and nationality, accommodating lifestyles of people coming from anywhere.

Dubai, more often than not, has something to offer that is not found in foreigner’s home countries. The security, the service, the tech, the support. Where else in the world has this level of: all in one?


You can choose from a collection of properties within a project. A property that no one has ever used before, completely brand new. A property that you did not buy at a premium, from someone who is making money from you.

Value for Money

Today you are buying at launch price, direct from the developer. Discounted prices for brand-new properties that rival ready properties. With investor-friendly payment plans that require very little down payments. You will see a positive increase in value that starts with construction, and you have the option to profit from property, even before completion.

Investors also get more luxury space per square foot in Dubai compared to its counterparts. Plus, there are no taxes on freehold investments, or payments to rental incomes.

Attractive Rental Yields

Dubai investments bring some of the best rental yields globally, up to 10% compared to the 2-3% global average value for money.


Even if you are going to invest in the furthest project, it will still be minutes from Downtown. And within a radius of 10-20km, you have a mall, restaurants, you have everything you need. The delivery circle is incredible. Everything is at the tip of your hand. You are never really remote. You can get anything and everything you want, almost any time you want.

When traveling throughout the country, there is a great highway system that is safe, with multiple gas stations offering food, pharmacies, and washrooms. Also available are means for public transport, including a metro.


Dubai is a lifestyle, and that adds value to your property. If you are an investor from abroad, we invite you to come and experience the Emirate for yourself, especially now with Expo running. There is so much to see and do in Dubai, that the trip is worthwhile in and of itself.

Dubai is a secure investment area, with steady economic growth. That is the reason behind high sell out rates and an ever-growing amount of foreign investors in the market.

So how do you choose where to invest?

It doesn’t matter.

We cannot choose a ‘best’ project. There are so many products that cater to the diverse wants and needs of the market. Every product has its client, and when it comes time to sell, you can and you will. We can talk when you are ready.

Are you ready to invest in Dubai?

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